"What happens in the Open Mind, stays in the Open Mind."


To maintain the pleasant atmosphere in your Club, we have a fw rules to which members must agree to follow. Our Private Smokers Club is a place of recreation and any infringement to these rules will be considered as a very serious violation and will provide grounds for immediate expulsion.

  1. You cannot impose yourself upon a game with other guests, unless invited.
  2. It is ok to go alone in the sling and hope for someone to come (sometimes it works)... however if a couple comes to you telling they need a sling and all others are occupied, be corteous and leave it to them.
  3. Any disrespectful behaviour towards others is prohibited.
  4. The use mobile phones, smartphones, cameras and other such devives is prohibited
  5. Games that include scat, blood or extreme pain are strictly forbidden.
  6. The sale or consumption of any type of drugs or narcotics is prohibited.
  7. Our main rule is RESPECT

Nobody is obliged to do anything they do not wish to do.

Safe Sex. You may act as you like, every one is responsible of its acts; however the Open Mind advises safer sex and provides free condoms throughout the club (See Hygiene - Health).

The hygiene and cleanliness of our facilities is very important to us.

Help us maintaining it clean, and ensure you always keep the equipment used in a state in which you would like to find it.


- We allow for Leather, Military, Uniforms, Rubber, Skin, Jockstrap or Naked
- Boots or Sneakers: walking with bare feet or flip flops is forbidden!
- Avoid non sexy boxer shorts... as well as pieces where the brand is too visible...

When the theme says 'Naked'... it means naked... but bare feet are forbidden (wear boots or sneakers).

Should your attire not correspond to our Dress Code, we may ask you to choose between putting other clothes (be it no clothes at all), or leaving the club.

Some accessories are also available at the reception - including Masks during the parties 'Naked with Mask'


  • C/Aragon, 130, 08015$28
  • Barcelona,Spain.
  • Telf: 934 51 04 79

  • 15,00 €

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