"What happens in the Open Mind, stays in the Open Mind."


Because we are not a club that is open to all public, we guarantee your privacy and a strict confidentiality.

We are a private club and all the kids that visit it are required to register and become a member, for one day, 3 months or 1 year.

As a Private Club, the Open Mind is only open to its Members; as a member you will be expected to comply to our rules, understand that this is a club for Adults men, with a code of conduct, and also accept that this is a Smokers Club. In our club you will be free to experience all your desires - as long as you respect those of others.


This club is for Male Adults only.

As you enter, we will ask for your membership card or number.

If you are visiting for the first time, we will ask you to fill in our membership application form (please bring your ID or passport - not a copy!). We will go over our club's etiquette and specify what our dress code is. Membership is compulsory, be it for one day only.

Upon payment of the entrance fee (check our rates), we will give you a token for a free drink at the bar, and the key to your locker where you will drop your personal effects.

We only accept payments in cash: no cheque or card of any sort.



Just keep what you need, and leave the rest in your locker... please check our dress code policies so you know which attire is accepted.

No need to keep your wallet with you: additional drinks will be associated with your key number, and you will settle these upon checking out.

Please also leave in your locker your cameras, mobile and smart phones as these are forbidden in the Club... due to some obvious privacy reasons

The Open Mind does not assume liability for any losses of your valuables.



  • Bar
  • Bathrooms with showers
  • Slings,Benches, Cage, Cabins..
  • St Andrew's Cross
  • Glory holes
  • Piss Zone
  • Condoms & Lube dispensers - etc.


After getting dressed again, you will give us back the key to your locker; if you had additional drinks at the bar you will be requested to pay them at that time.

Please respect our neighbours and keep quiet upon leaving our club!


  • C/Aragon, 130, 08015$28
  • Barcelona,Spain.
  • Telf: 934 51 04 79

  • 15,00 €

  • 22,00 €